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Overstock liquidation food for animals

Stock 12 pallets croquettes with a lot of LUPUS EXPERT, these are premium kibble highly digestible and high palatability (coated duck fat). They have a low magnesium limited to 0.12% in order to avoid the occurrence of urinary calculi. In addition, they contain essential for good eyesight cat taurine. Enclosed you will find an analysis of croquettes and a leaflet.

- The DEFU BIO foods that are guaranteed:

* 100% organic (no meat factory farming without pesticides or preservatives silage without genetically modified organism)

* 100% taste (high digestibility, great natural appetite)

* 100% vitality (with quality vegetables, herbs and selected minerals, trace elements for a shiny coat,

no wheat or soy for better digestibility and minimizing the risk of allergy, for more balanced composition

vitality and strength even for older animals)

- And also / treats Gimborn Gimpet

If you are interested in one or three lots, please contact the sales department at (33) 02 466 555 30 or e-mail.

Delivery to any destination.

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