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New pallet stock bazaar

Continued availability of pallets discount store, including many families of products with reference to all items of discount store; bazaar, crafts, home decorating items, frames and trinkets, toys, menswear, women and children, domestic appliances and much more …

Ideal product for sale in stores and markets in France and abroad.

Our price: only 255 euros / per 10 pallets discount store.

By 15 pallets solderie 225 euros / pal

With 30 pallets solderie 199 euros HT / pal    Checkout >>

60 pallets solderie 189 euros / pal

90 pallets solderie 165 euros HT . / Pal

For any further inquiries, please contact our sales department at (33) 02 46 56 50 40 or e-mail .

the shipping service can take care of organizing the delivery of pallets solderie semi-trailer and container for export destination.

Wholesale Supplier Import-Export


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