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Warehouse pallets wholesale Warehouse pallets for sale : wholesale merchandise

  »The shortest way to a great product choice at the best price »

Outlet pallets needed lots of very diverse composition references to many categories such as decoration, tools, toys, ready to wear man, woman, child, food etc … no less than one thousand references batch of 30 pallets

The Pallet Outlet is the ideal product for soldeur.

The stock value of these pallets and about 2500 euros per lot of 30 and up to 6000 euros according to the arrivals.

Our price is only 195 euros HT the pallet to a minimum of 30 (full trailer truck) with possibility of delivery.

This represents a purchase total of 5850 euros HT only for in-store purchase value of 60 000 to 75 000, or – 10% of the retail price.

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