Cosmetic liquidation : Gemey Maybelline & L’Oreal

Cosmetic liquidationSuper liquidation sale : cosmetic stock

We are pleased to offer you an exceptional lot of cosmetic brands « Gemey Maybelline » and L’Oreal

The packaging comes in boxes of 200 and 500 parts consisting of Makeup, Mascara, Nail Polish, Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Concealer, Gloss, Lip Pencil, Eyeliner.

Limited quantity: 10,000 pieces.

Asking price: 1.25 euros / unit / 200 cartons (10,000 pcs)

1.50 eu / unit carton 500 pcs

1.90 eu / unit carton 250 pcs


Catalog on request (All products are currently sold on the market)

With Regard to the L’Oreal products, selling is possible to reference.

We are at your disposal for any further information.

For inquiries, please contact our sales department by phone at 02 46 56 50 40 or e-mail: contact@palettes de


Wholesale Online: www.palettes de


Supplier Exporter

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