Stock clearance auctions : Wholesale discount store pallets

Wholesale discount pallets

Bulk stock clearance : discount pallets

Enjoy discount store items on pallets of varying composition and that in many categories such as bazaar, decoration, toys, tools, small appliances … all products that could be found in discount.

They are intended to discount stores, discounters, exporters, fairground, wholesalers … lots contain everything you need at very attractive price.

Sold in lots of 30 pallets at a minimum, a semi-trailer truck or container 40.  »
Delivery can be arranged on request to any destination in the national as international.
Our business is in an upward position since 2004 . We offer you our experience.

Please contact our sales department for further information on 02 46 56 50 40 or e-mail: contact@palettes de


Wholesale Online: www.palettes de


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