Items on clearance for discounters

Lots in stock for wholesaler and retailer of various goods

le grossiste en palettes

Enjoy a new stock of 150 pallets of merchandise, mixed composition with reference to many categories such as small appliances, bazaar, textile, apparel, and much more …


Prices from 255 euros / per pallet 10

By carrier (15 pal) 225 euros / pal
For full trailer semi truck (33 pal)  199 euros HT / pal    Checkout >>
2 containers by 189 euros / pal

3 containers per pallet goods 165 euros HT . / Pal

For a personalized export, please contact the sales department at (33) 02 46 56 50 40 or by e-mail to contact (@) pallets for any request.

 Wholesale online:

Your Wholesale Online

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