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Grossiste en lots de destockageThis is a series title (ie the first) released in October 2006.

Quantity available: 2,000 pounds (destocking following new edition).

Format 21 x 21 cm – hardcover and stitched back square – 20 pages.

Retail price per unit: 7.44 Euros

Request photos and price on request; below book cover on clearance.

Information on packing:

- Number of cards: 34

- Average amount of books per carton: 60

- Average weight per carton: 14 kg.

- 1 pallet filmed 120 x 80 cm – total weight approx 450/500 kilograms.

FYI: This book out of the circuit due to graphical overhaul, but the new edition is a continuation of this title.

For inquiries, please contact the sales department at (33) 02 466 555 30, e-mail .

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